This is a blog for people who want to learn more about the law.

Law blogs require time to write. Often, the content of a blog post is drawn from a conversation with another attorney. Attorneys find a lot to write about, and writing short articles is one way to share those observations with others. This style of writing works well because it allows the author to use conversational language and keep their content short and sweet. When writing articles for this blog, keep in mind that the audience will be small at first.

Legal blogs also provide excellent lead generation opportunities for lawyers. By sharing accurate legal information, attorneys can attract more clients. Many law blogs also feature legal innovations. Megan Thompson is a legal writer for Lawrina, where she writes about different law practice areas and shares tips and advice from her legal practice. She graduated from American University’s Washington College of Law and edits all content on the site.

In addition to helping potential clients find a lawyer, a blog is a great way to display your expertise. If written well, law blogs can help lawyers generate free publicity. When people share your articles, it spreads like wildfire. That is a win-win situation for all parties involved. It may be your chance to win a new client, as well as to expand your network.